Alessandro Bertinetto

Alessandro Bertinetto is Full Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Turin and the scientific coordinator of ART. He has been visiting scholar at the Universities of Madrid (Complutense and Autónoma), Murcía, Toulouse, Kanazawa, Luxembourg, FU Berlin, Valencia, Belo Horizonte. His research interests include German Idealism, aesthetics, hermeneutics, philosophy of music, creativity and improvisation. His research is now mainly focussing on the topic of "aesthetic habits". From 2012 to 2018, he has been member of the Executive Committee of the European Society for Aesthetics.

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Giacomo Albert is Assistant Professor of Musicology at the University of Turin. He is member of the steering committees of the Italian Musicological Society (SIdM), and of the Italian Association for Music Informatics (AIMI). Together with Laura Zattra he coordinates the research group "RiSME digitali" and the workgroup on "Digital cultures and technological innovation" of the Italian Association of University Music Professors (ADUIM). His main research topics are XXth and XXIst centuries music (particularly creative process, compositional structures, and the relationship between technology and musical thought), music and intermedia (particularly sound art, multimedia art, sound design, sound and music in videoart, mainstream and experimental cinema), and the representation of music, drama, and melodrama through digital ontologies.

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Michela Bloisi is a PhD student at the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (FINO), University of Turin. Her research interests interweave pragmatist aesthetics, philosophy of dance, phenomenology and theories of embodiment. Her doctoral project is devoted to improvisation in dance and its political relevance.

sofia boz

Sofia Boz is PhD candidate in Pedagogical, Educational and Instructional Sciences at University of Padua. Her research focuses on the possibilities of de-structuring the traditional school curriculum by re-evaluating the beneficial effects of jazz's own concept of improvisation, with a view to creative, inclusive, dialogic and explorative education.

serena feloj

Serena Feloj is Associate Professor in Aesthetics at the University of Pavia. She has been visiting scholar at Harvard University and at the Universities of Heidelberg, Marburg (DAAD fellowship), Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, and visiting professor at the University of Halle. Her main interests are in Kantian philosophy, German classical aesthetics and analytic aesthetics.

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Jacopo frascaroli

Jacopo Frascaroli is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology at the University of Turin and a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities Research Centre at the University of York. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy in York in 2022 as part of a Leverhulme-funded interdisciplinary project entitled "Learning from Fiction". Jacopo's research brings together aesthetics, philosophy of language and mind, and cognitive science. His current work explores the potential of predictive processing as a general framework for the study of the arts and aesthetics. Jacopo is currently editing a theme issue on this topic for Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

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Paolo Furia currently works as a postdoc researcher at the Department of Humanities of the University of Turin (Italy). He has been working as a postdoc at the University of Turin since November 2017. He is a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics, the Interuniversity Center of Morphology, the Centro Studi Luigi Pareyson and the Society for Ricoeur Studies. He participated in international conferences and seminars in Berlin, Paris, Palermo, Rome, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Leuven, Ljubljana, Bratislava and was a member of project teams in Paris (EHESS and Paris Nanterre) and Slovakia (BISLA). He is the authour of three monographs in Italiana and various articles in English, French and Italian. He obtained his Scientific Qualification in Aesthetics in November 2020.

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Lisa Giombini

Lisa Giombini is Research Fellow in Aesthetics at Roma Tre University (Italy), Department of Philosophy. She is a member of various philosophical associations, including the Italian Society for Aesthetics (SIE), the European Society of Aesthetics (ESA) and the American Society for Aesthetics (ASA); she is currently the Secretary General of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA). Besides long-term interest in the philosophy of music, Lisa's current research focuses on the philosophy of art conservation, the ethics of cultural heritage and environmental aesthetics.

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francesca monateri

Francesca Monateri is PhD candidate at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, working on the link between aesthetics and political philosophy. Her doctoral project is dedicated to Carl Schmitt's aesthetics. 

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francesca perotto

Francesca Perotto is PhD candidate in Philosophy at the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (FINO). Her research interests range from Gilles Deleuze to morphology and post-structuralist French philosophy. She is currently visiting student at the EHESS in Paris. Her latest research deals with the concept of the virtual in Gilles Deleuze's thought from an aesthetic perspective.

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leonardo pietropaolo

Leonardo Pietropaolo is a BA and MA graduate in Philosophy at the University of Turin. In 2020 he was awarded with a scholarship by Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi. During the summer 2021 he spent a research period at Freie University of Berlin thanks to this funding. In 2022 he studied at CAMPO22, the course for curatorial studies and practices promoted by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Among his research interests, the concept of "death of art" and the relationship between the notions of authenticity and style in aesthetics. His latest research focuses on the notion of style in the work of Arthur Danto.

ivan quartesan

Ivan Quartesan is PhD candidate at the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (FINO), University of Turin. His research interests include image theory, philosophy of art history, the German and Italian morphological traditions in aesthetics. In particular, his research has focused on the thought of Horst Bredekamp.

amalia salvestrini

Amalia Salvestrini (PhD in Philosophy) is an independent researcher. Membre associé of the Laboratoure d'études sur le monothéismes (EPHE-CNRS, Paris), she collaborates with the University of Turin and the University of Milan and is a member of several scientific assiociations and journals. Her research interests include pre-modern origins of aesthetics, rhetoric, medieval theories of knowledge and image, phenomenological and aesthetic issues. Currently, her research deals with the relationship between Late Medieval-Renaissance art and philosophy and classifications of knowledge and the arts between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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Luisa sampugnaro

Luisa Sampugnaro (PhD in Humanities) is an independent researcher. In 2018 she was a visiting student at CEHTA/EHESS in Paris. She collaborates with the University of Turin and is a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics (SIE). Her research interests include aesthetic reception theories, philosophy of painting and philosophy of history. Currently her work focuses on the various rhetorics of the "end" qualifying the transition Modernism/Postmodernism, both in the theoretical discourse about the arts and in the structure of artistic poiesis. 

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Carlo serra

Carlo Serra teaches Media and Image Aesthetics at the University of Turin and Image and Sound Theory at the University of Calabria. His research revolves around philosophy of music, with particular attention to phenomenological issues linked to the forms of listening. 

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Gregorio tenti

Gregorio Tenti is Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. His project deals with the theoretical, aesthetical and political correlations between language and extinction. His research interests include history of German philosophy, 20th-century French aesthetics and environmental culture

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